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Access to investment properties that aren’t available on the MLS


Have all the information you need to analyze the deal, at your fingertips


Place offers and secure financing to win deals on the Trelly marketplace


Get offers from a network of thousands of buyers for your equitable interest or wholly-owned property

Trelly provides access to investable deals while creating the most streamlined and friendly process for both buyers and sellers allowing you to save time, money, and energy on your next deal

Raving fans

“When a new property comes up on Trelly, I get notified and I can hit the little tag and I get all the information immediately. I don’t have to hunt — I like that a lot!”

Cindi Weber

Real estate investor, TX

“I use Trelly because it’s an easy, proven, and streamlined process for me to dispo the properties that don’t fit into my ‘buy-box’. It saves me time and energy.”

Tavis Westbrook

Investor / Broker, TX

“I was working with big box companies, but wasn’t always able to find buyers. With Trelly, I am not only able to find buyers for my properties, but I’ve sold them for more than I expected.”

Denny Pham

Real estate investor, TX


Do your next deal from your desk or your phone

  • Create saved searches for properties that meet your buy box
  • Get notified on deals that meet your criteria
  • Message and call directly within Trelly
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